Monday, 31 October 2011

First meeting with lawyers

On Tuesday August 9 2011, we went to Berlin and met our lawyers, Dr. Behrmann & Härtel, who are game law specialists. The meeting went very well. It took several hours to go though the case against us and to get advice as to the strengths and weakness of each point they brought up. Having done so, we are a lot happier now than while we were sitting about waiting for the legal papers to come from Hamburg .
Unlike in the US, court papers in Germany are not all for publication so we are not attaching a PDF of the 111 page letter Blizzard sent to the Hamburg court.

Blizzard is suing us on 3 grounds:
1. Copyright.
2. Trademark
3. Inducing Breach of Contract

Blizzard has tried to tack on a personal liability action. Bossland has been served with papers on this. In German law, if you are a company director and using the company to do something you know to be against the law, you cannot hide behind the company.

The interesting part will start once Blizzard replies to our defense, as they have then to prove the squishy allegations. So there will not really be any real news until November.

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