On Monday July 11 2011, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against us in Hamburg, Germany. We set up this firm in Germany on the basis that we are pursuing a legitimate business opportunity in a lawful manner under German law. Our lawyer advises us that is still the case. We will carry on providing the products that you have purchased. Honorbuddy and Gatherbuddy will carry on working. However, we will make a change for new orders and and we will be asking for your support.

To prevent any risk of misleading potential customers, we will no longer be selling Buddy Lifetime. We are moving to a keys system that enables you to buy for 1 day, one month or 1 year and you get a discount for taking more than 1 session. We are no longer charging for use of flying mounts - if you have an existing HB key, flying mounts are now supported for free.

Over the next few years, you will be seeing a lot of stories in the media about this case so we hope this announcement hopes to clear up any concerns. We hope we can count on your support.